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Dutton Cattle Company

Experience the Superior Taste of Akaushi Wagyu Beef

Dutton Cattle Company specializes in producing premium Akaushi Wagyu beef, renowned for its exceptional flavor, texture, and health benefits.

Founded on sustainable farming practices and a deep commitment to animal welfare, our company offers a superior beef product that is both delicious and heart-healthy, directly from our family-owned farm in Ohio.

Premium Akaushi Wagyu Beef

Dutton Cattle Company offers first-rate Akaushi Wagyu beef, known for its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor profile, setting a new standard for gourmet beef.

Pasture Raised • Grain Finished • Hand Fed

We are deeply committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Our approach ensures our cattle are raised in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, enhancing the quality of our beef while protecting the land.
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Dutton Cattle Company

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Experience the transparency of true pasture-raised beef—where honesty meets quality on every plate.
Discover our grain-finished beef, clearly distinguished from grass-finished by its rich flavor and transparency—our steers thrive on grass and hay before enjoying a tailored corn and wheat ration for exceptional taste.
Choose 'hand-fed' beef for a humane difference—our cattle are raised in natural conditions, setting us apart from conventional feedlot operations and delivering superior quality with every bite.

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St. Clairsville, Ohio
46678 National Road St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740.296.5286
Columbus, Ohio
730 1/2 Franklin Ave. Columbus, OH 43205 740.359.4426

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