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About Akushi

For over 100 years the Akaushi breed has been subjected to intense genetic improvement. Eighty plus years ago the Japanese Association of Akaushi was created in order to collect, manage and process all Akaushi data. The association has collected carcass performance, breeding pedigrees and economic data for every animal in the entire breed. This data has been used in the selection of every Akaushi dam and sire over the last half-century. During the same period this data has also been used to select prospective sire and dam lines to be utilized for further genetic improvement. Consequently new sire and dam lines are only released for general production after they have been proven by extensive and accurate statistical analysis. As a result of this unique closed system and multitrait selection process, the Akaushi breed is extremely uniform and consistent throughout its genetic line for all maternal, structural, fertility, carcass and palatability traits. No single trait has been sacrificed to develop this superior breed.

Therefore, Akaushi genetics may be the final ingredient to create an animal that will perform efficiently, improve consistency, maintain uniformity and maximize the gap between profit and loss.

Akaushi Beef

A Beef that Tastes Good and is Good for You

Akaushi beef naturally contains intense marbling. It is generally recognized that fat is responsible for the palatability of beef, but it is actually the monounsaturated fat that is responsible for the flavor.

While Dutton Cattle Co.’s certified Akaushi beef tastes good, it is also incredibly good for you. Its marbling and fat content results in a rich, buttery flavor, and its monounsaturated fat structure has been linked to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease and weight loss. It is also a natural source of oleic acid, which can improve the general condition of your heart.

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