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Dutton Cattle Company

When we purchased and settled here on the original property, our dream was simple: Raise a big family on a farm. We couldn’t have imagined the farm would be what it is today – a generational model of regenerative agriculture, with premium beef production and luxury off-grid lodging.  In some ways, we still can’t believe it. 

Much of what we’ve done here on the property—along with the businesses and projects that contribute to the farm—have been collaborative efforts with many dear friends, and hardworking hands over the years. We consider so many of these folks our family, and we’re endlessly grateful to each of them. 

Pasture Raised • Grain Finished • Hand Fed

Introducing Akaushi

In the Spring of 2016, Dutton Cattle Co. introduced the Akaushi breed to their pasture, as part of a joint venture with the Cassarino family from New Hampshire. They currently produce first-generation cross (F1) Akaushi/ Semitol Angus, along with full-blood Akaushi.

The full-blood herd is important as the bull calves are used to replenish the bullpen, and the heifer calves are used to keep growing the full-blood herd. Both full-blood bulls and heifers are available for future sale as well.

Our History

Dutton Cattle Company Legacy

The Dutton Cattle Company, nestled in Belmont County near Flushing, Ohio, was founded in 1981 on a sprawling 1,200-acre farm. The land, initially dominated by the family’s coal mining and reclamation businesses, eventually transformed into a hub for agricultural pursuits under the vision of the patriarch who saw potential in cattle ranching. As a family-driven enterprise, the children of the Dutton family were integral to its operations, engaging daily in the rigorous routine of tending to cattle, sheep, and horses, alongside their schooling and extracurricular activities. This hands-on upbringing inculcated a deep connection with the land and livestock, shaping the company’s ethos and operations.

Over the years, the Dutton Ranch expanded, acquiring an additional 400 acres near Lafferty. A decade ago, these lands were revived from being barren to flourishing with life, now supporting a full-fledged cow farm. The operational scope of the ranch has also broadened to include a professional team, including a ranch manager and dedicated staff for administration and sales, highlighting a shift from purely family-run operations to a more structured business model. The family’s involvement continues, however, with members taking active roles in various aspects of the business, from sales and marketing to designing and building accommodations on the ranch, which include cottages and cabins used for events like weddings, showcasing the ranch’s versatility beyond traditional farming.

The present-day Dutton Cattle Company is marked by its innovative shift to premium Wagyu beef production, initiated in 2016 with the introduction of the Akaushi breed. This strategic pivot has not only enhanced the quality of their product but has also improved the profitability and sustainability of the ranch. The family hosts events such as Wagyu Steak Nights, reflecting both a community engagement and a savvy marketing strategy. Despite the coincidental name-sharing with the popular television show “Yellowstone,” the real-life Duttons maintain a unique and authentic identity, focused on the future of sustainable ranching and preserving their deep-rooted family legacy in Belmont County.

Leadership & Expertise

Meet Our Team

John and Rita Dutton


Chris Dutton


Jeff Shepherd

Livestock Production & Ranch Manager

Tyler Mcmillen

Livestock Production & A.I. Tech

Dutton Cattle Company

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Dutton Brands

Our Brands

Dutton Cattle Company has diversified its agricultural heritage into a dynamic range of brands that resonate with quality and community engagement. From the locally celebrated Pike 40 restaurant to the culturally enriching Blame My Roots music festival, each brand extends the Dutton legacy beyond traditional farming into unique, community-focused experiences.

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